2014 State Leadership Conference Around the Corner!

Posted on February 20, 2014 in General

Hello Arizona! We had a wonderful time seeing many of you at Winter Leadership Conference! Thanks again to NAU Phoenix for hosting such an incredible event.

State Leadership Conference is just around the corner! With SLC approaching so quickly, there are a few important dates we want you to be aware of:

March 7 – Registration deadline. We recommend you register ASAP though to make sure you get a room! Space is very limited for that weekend!

April 4 – All conference attendees must be registered with the national office in order to attend.

April 11-12 – 2014 State Leadership Conference at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University!

We hope to see you there! Contact us on Facebook or via email if you have any questions!

New VP of Communications!

Posted on December 19, 2013 in General


Recently, our old VP of Communications had to step down due to personal reasons, so we were without one for about 2 months. But, Ben Whitely of the U of A chapter decided to step up to the plate! So please welcome our new VP of Communications, Ben Whitely!

Ben has been involved with FBLA all four years of his Ironwood high school experience, and has been with UA PBL since the beginning. As a computer science major, he has extensive experience with programming, website design, and plenty of other technological stuff. :)

Expect to see Ben at WLC and to see his updates and posts on Facebook and our website. :)

Winter Leadership Conference 2014!

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Hello everyone! I hope that everyone’s winter vacations are going well! Just recently, our NAU chapter sent out the information and registration for WLC 2014 which will be held on February 1st. Be sure to have a member of your chapter register your members and submit the forum by January 17th. If you do not have the registration and information, let us know!

The fun will begin at 8:30 A.M. It will cost $15 with lunch (hurray!) and will have a social afterwards of laser tag. It will cost an extra $8, separate from registration, for some laser tag matches. If you have been wanting to show your chapter’s prowess and team work, what better way than a friendly game of laser tag?

We will keep you updated with any other news regarding WLC. See you all there! :)

Upcoming Fall Events!

Posted on September 22, 2013 in General

Hello Arizona! I hope everyone has had a great start to their semester so far. It may seem like a bunch of busy work, but remember, another semester of college also means another semester for PBL! :D It certainly looks to be a busy year for our state officer team as we all work to bring you the best conference experiences, events, and more! With that in mind, there are some things of notice within the upcoming months.


Fall Leadership Conference is soon underway and slated for Saturday, October 26th. It will be hosted by our very own ASU chapter! Remember to remind your fellow PBL members to attend as the more we have attending, the greater our conference will be. Be sure to check out http://asupbl.org/flc for more information regarding events, forms, and more.

PBL Social – State Fair

For the first time ever, we as a state will be holding a social event at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix on Saturday, November 2nd! We will all meet together as a state that Saturday night at 5 P.M., so be sure to mark your calendars!


Also for the first time, we will be holding a joint FBLA-PBL conference Friday, November 8th. Members will attend as PBL recruiters for your local chapter. So come represent your local chapter and get some FBLA members interested in joining your chapter!  Also of note, by going to FLEX, we are offered a discounted price on Suns Tickets for the game that night.


We are still looking to fill our State committees with willing and able members! I sent out an email to your chapter advisors and other key contacts with more information regarding the committees, so be sure to check them out! If you would like me to email the list directly to you, please let me know.

Hope everyone has a great start to their chapter’s PBL year, and hope to see everyone at our upcoming events! Until next time Arizona! As our advisor, Steven Reff says: live, laugh, and love life.

First Blog Post of the 2013-2014 Year and NLC Winners!

Posted on August 12, 2013 in General

Hello everyone, this is your state president, John Grisham, writing! This blog post about NLC will be the first of many blogs that I will be conducting in order to get my plans and thoughts for the year across and as a way for you to take part in them!
Congratulations Arizona!
At the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, anxiety was high for everyone as we each had our own events to study for and participate in. Our teams worked hard to make sure everything was perfect for their various events. In the end, many of our local chapters had members place in their events and I want to congratulate all of you hard-working individuals, whether you placed or not (for it is not the physical prize but the effort and opportunities that make it all the worthwhile), for putting forth the effort to make it to NLC and represent Arizona!
In addition to our events, there were plenty of interesting workshops made available to us which I hope all of you went to!) and numerous opportunities to network and interact with all the other states. There was definitely a lot of conversation between chapters, whether it be tips about an event, how to fundraise, or even how nice the California weather was during our stay.
I feel like this year, we did a lot as a state chapter. I was happy to see that we had a lot of participation in our dinner social this year. It certainly allowed our local chapters to meet new people from within our own state and make those connections. I myself even meet a lot of interesting people and advisors over the course of the conference, from Embry-Riddle’s moves on the dance floor, NAU’s social skills, ASU’s hospitality, and CAC’s fun-loving advisor. We certainly moved forward in the right direction toward that proper communication that is vital to our state chapter’s function as a whole. I also definitely look forward to working with and seeing more of those people with whom I met.
Future Implementations
As I said in our state meeting at NLC, there are many things our state officer team will be implementing. I know some people were unable to make it, so I want to make sure everyone knows. Here is a short list:
• Committees! I want to see as many of you sign up for the committees, so we can hear what you have to say and be a part of a great community and network of local chapter members.
• Designated state officer contacts for each local chapter
• The CMAP program. A great way to bring together your current members and usher in new ones.
• Facebook, twitter, and website updates with pertinent information! Whether it be news of our upcoming state social or news from the national level, we will be updating it all! We will be sending out e-letters to our local chapters with news that will go into more detail regarding these topics and more in the weeks to come!
Contact Info and Thanks
I know I gave my contact info card to many of the people I met at NLC, and as someone pointed out, the cell number on the card is incorrect! Sorry! But you can use that email address on the card (johncgrisham93@email.arizona.edu ) and I can get that out to you if need be. Remember, I want to put an emphasis on communication this year, so please, feel free to contact me or the state officer team whenever you have questions about PBL.
Again, thanks to everyone who came out to Anaheim and contributed to the exciting time that was NLC. I’m sure those who went had a great time and have plenty to tell their local chapters. Local chapters, be sure to also congratulate your NLC winners, as they brought pride through the representation of both your chapter and Arizona.
I would also like to give thanks to my state officers, and especially to the two that attended, Mandi and Martha, both working diligently to keep everything up to date and everyone engaged. Plus, I commend their ability to better convey our messages to Arizona than I could ever do. Arizona certainly wouldn’t have been able to accomplish as much as we did at NLC without their help.
Until next time Arizona!  And as our advisor, Steven Reff, from U of A says: live, laugh, and love life.

Note from your VP of Communication: Apologies to all our members for the delay in getting this out and posted as John was quite punctual in writing this blog after NLC and I had a number of unexpected technical difficulties while studying abroad these past several weeks! Arizona PBL can expect to hear from John and the rest of the team lots more the rest of the year, here on our website, as well as through all our other social media channels.

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