AZ PBL NLC Winners: Accounting Analysis & Decision Making- 1st Place, DeVry - Brandon McGibany & Jeff Steuer Business Decision Making -3rd Place Embry-Riddle - Ahrash Aleshi & Kirisa Pettis Client Service -2nd Place, Jeff Steuer,  DeVry University Contemporary Sports Issue- 7th Place,  Mark Creech, NAU Economics Analysis & Decision Making 5th Place Embry-Riddle - John Carosello, Adin Herzog, Mwangi Karuri Human Resource Management 6th Place Embry-Riddle - Ahrash Aleshi & Kirisa Pettis Information Management - 1st Place, Dylan Downhill, NAU Integrated Marketing Campaign - 9th Place, Dawn Bro, DeVry Justice Administration - 6th Place,William Stark, Embry-Riddle Marketing Analysis & Decision Making - 2nd Place, ERAU - Nicky Ho, Brenda Lim, Milton Tan Sports Management & Marketing - 6th Place Mark Creech, NAU Website Design - 8th Place, Joseph Gamaz, CAC Read the rest

Winter Leadership Conference 2014!

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone’s winter vacations are going well! Just recently, our NAU chapter sent out the information and registration for WLC 2014 which will be held on February 1st. Be sure to have a member of your chapter register your members and submit the forum by January 17th. If you do not have the registration and information, let us know! The fun will begin at 8:30 A.M. It will cost $15 with lunch (hurray!) and will have a social afterwards of laser tag. It will cost an extra $8, separate from registration, for some laser tag matches. If you have been wanting to show your chapter’s prowess and team work, what better way than a friendly game of laser tag? We will keep you updated with any other news regarding WLC. See you all there!… Read the rest

PBL NLC Results

Here are the results for the 2012 PBL National Leadership Conference in San Antonio last week. Congratulations and make sure to view the Arizona PBL State Newsletter here on the website anytime. 2012 NLC Winners Meake sure you Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and if you have any photos that you took from Nationals last week please email them as a zip file to Jonathan Bailey at jebailey15@gmail.com and they will get uploaded on the Yahoo Group and Flickr account pages. Jonathan Bailey VP of Communication… Read the rest