2017-18 Rise to Top Chapter Contest



2017-Central Arizona College

2016 -Northern Arizona University EC                                                      “

Activities Description Points

  • NLC Attendees in Anaheim-10 per attendee
  • Recruiting booths for club rush/I-week -10 per attendee
  • Outstanding Chapter-25 points
  • FBLA-PBL WEEK Activities-25 points each day
  • Find a sponsor for AZ PBL -100 pts. ea.
  • Find a sponsor for your Chapter-50 pts ea.
  • Volunteer at FBLA State Leadership – 50 points per member
  • Volunteer AT FBLA Regionals- 25 points per member
  • State approved community service activity (besides street cleanup/toy drive) 50 pts each
  • RMHC McGala Event 10-point. each volunteer
  • Members submiiting Humans of FBLA-PBL Stories – 25 pts each
  • Members attending A chapter approved community serviceproject -10 points each
  • Members applying for PBL Scholarship-25 points
  • State officers/ 2017-18 chosen or run-10 points each
  • Phoenix Children Toy Drive-10 points a toy
  • CMAP Director Level-25 points
  • CMAP Executive Level-50 points
  • CMAP President Level- 100 pts
  • Members Attending Fall Leadership 10 point per member
  • Members Attending Winter Leadership-10 point per member
  • Members attending National Fall Leadership Conference- 25 point per member
  • Members Taking part in Local Officer Training 25 ea.
  • Members Taking part in Stock Market Challenge 25 ea.
  • Members participating financial literacy series 25 pts ea.
  • Register Professional Members for your Chapter- 50 points each new member
  • Achieve Connect Ten (increase membership 10 over 2016-17 final numbers) 50 pts
  • Attend Baby Olympics 25 pts. Each members
  • Chapter send articles to PBL Business Leader (must send screen shot) 25 points each
  • Members serving on National Action Councils 100 points ea.
  • National Officers 50-pts
  • Arizona PBL Street Clean-Up 10 points each
  • Members registered after OCT 20th- 5 points each
  • Members Registered and Dues Paid By October 20th- 10 Points each
  • Members attending Bowling for Babies 10 each
  • Money Raised for March of Dimes 1 point per Dollar Raised
  • Membership Survey 25 pts each
  • Chapter Completes Fast track to success- 50 points
  • Career Development activities (25 each per chapter) Photo needed
  • Members completing PBL NLC Survey (10 each)
  • Articles or Blogs for AZ PBL website (25)
  • Chapter Hosting Leadership Conference- 25 Points


This activity based chapter award was created to get chapters excited about local, state and national programs. Central Arizona College will not give up the award without a fight. Good luck to everyone this year. Before you ask, Yes, we will bring the trophy to all conferences so you can see it! Together we can grow our membership to 200!