2017 WLC hosted by Central Arizona College

Central Arizona College  Business Club

Hosted the Arizona Phi Beta Lambda Winter Leadership Conference, held Saturday, February 11, 2017, at the Superstition Mountain campus.  Thirty students from ASU, PHX College, NAU, ERAU, and CAC competed in 24 events with the help of 10 judges and advisers.

Competition First Second Third
101 – Accounting Principles Brandi Deibler    
102 – Business Communication  Arturo Sosa Kathryn Daley  Doritza Davilla
103 – Computer Concepts Debra Infante Alma Murillo  Jose Landaverde
104 – Contemporary Sports Issues Mark Creech    
105 – Cyber Security  Doritza Davilla Jodie Cox  
106 – Entrepreneurship Concepts  Charles St. Clair Curtis Begay

Jerome Lim

 Jorge Morales

Jose Landaverde

107 – Financial Concepts  Catie Willard Debra Infante

Adin Herzog

Marcos Lopez
108 – Information Management Mark Creech  Jorge Morales  
109- International Business Charles St. Clair Trent Marlow Jerome Lim
110 – Justice Administration Mark Creech    
111 – Macroeconomics Adin Herzog  Moied Elkrekshi  Marcos Lopez
112 – Management Concepts  Catie Willard Jade Fryhover  Jerome Lim
113 – Marketing Concepts Catie Willard Joseph Kabaki Brendan Mak
114 – Networking Concepts Alma Murillo    
115 – Organizational Behavior Leadership Arturo Sosa Lucero Vargas  
116 – Personal Finance Charles St. Clair

Joseph Kabaki

Jorge Morales  
117 – Project Management Yvette Infante  Moied Elkrekshi  Christy Lopez
118 – Retail Management Jade Fryhover Yvette Infante Ricardo Ochoa
119 – Sports Management and Marketing Mark Creech    
201 – Impromptu Speaking Debra Infante Marcos Lopez Brendan Mak
202 – Public Speaking Christy Lopez Manny Gonzolez Jose Landaverde
203- Job Interview Jade Fryhover Brandi Deibler  
301- Business Decision Making  Adin Herzog

Trent Marlow

 Joseph Kabaki Kathryn Daley

Alma Murillo

Jodie Cox



Special Thanks to the following people who made it all possible:

Shawn LaFalce, Tracy Lambrecht, Deanna Broking, and Justin Smith.

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