2017 NLC in Anaheim

I have I always wanted to say this  “I’m going to Disneyland”! June 24-27 Arizona PBL members attended the 3 day leadership conference. All seven of our chapters were represented at the conference. Arizona did very well at the conference, producing  1 national champion, will several CMAP award, membership awards and received  two March of dimes grants.

AZ PBL also contributed 12 baskets for the silent auction. We want to thank Dillard’s for their support of out silent auction. They donated eight baskets, in which some of the fiercest bidding wars happen over their awesome donations.

Our members took place in the March of Dimes mini walk and I am proud to say the we donated $140. The professionalism in which our members represented AZ PBL was admirable. Below is the list of event


Arizona Phi Beta Lambda
2017 National Leadership Conference – Anaheim

National Officer Elections
Western Region Vice President Mark Creech, CAC

Competitive Events
Administrative Technology 9th John-Michael Linares, ERAU
Client Service 3rd Nicholas Livengood, ASU
Computer Concepts 6th John-Michael Linares, ERAU
Economic Analysis & Decision Making 4th ERAU – Brandon Embrey
Financial Analysis & Decision Making 2nd ERAU – Adin Herzog, Hannah Mercurio, and Siddharth Varkey
Forensic Accounting 5th ERAU – Tristan Campbell and Erika Jex
Hospitality Management 1st CAC – Jade Fryhover and Marcos Lopez
Hospitality Management 5th ERAU – Jerome Lim, Kevin Schroder, William Scully
Impromptu Speaking 8th Marcos Lopez, CAC
Integrated Marketing Campaign 9th Mikayla Khramov, NAU
Macroeconomics 8th Brandon Embrey, ERAU
Retail Management 10th Nicole Martinez, ERAU
Website Design 8th Alma Murillo, CAC

Special Recognition Events
Connect 10 Arizona PBL
Gold Seal Chapters Central Arizona College- Phoenix College
Largest Increase in Chapter Membership – Western Region- Arizona PBL
Most CMAP Awards – Chapter –Central Arizona College
CMAP President Level Mark Creech – Central Arizona College
Most CMAP Awards – Western Region –Arizona PBL
Outstanding Local Chapter Adviser Linda Friedel, CAC
Who’s Who in PBL Mark, Creech, CAC
March of Dimes Lift Grant Central Arizona College $800
March of Dimes Lift Grant Arizona PBL- $2000
PBL NLC Scholarship Katie Daley
Western Region State Chapter Membership Award 2nd Place Arizona




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