2017-18 State officer team preparing program of work

Are you ready to Elevate Your Future in 2017-18?

Your Arizona State officers are working hard on updating the website and marketing materials. Our program of works is packed full of activities that will help you transition from classroom to workforce.

Highlighted activities

  1.  Local officer training
  2. Arizona PBL Business Challenge
  3. Baby Olympics for March of Dimes
  4. Arizona PBL Stock Market Challenge
  5. NASCAR Fundraiser and Social
  6. Golf Tournament Fundraiser and Social
  7. CMAP workshops
  8. Phoenix Children Toy Drive
  9.  Updated Chapter recruitment materials
  10. Arizona PBL T-Shirt
  11. Swift Transportation Business Tour
  12. Much more!

You’re 2017-18 State Officer Team

19510661_289031658227280_96077276418506719_n (1)

From left to right Katie Daley, Tirso Tonche,                                                                                                                                    Mark Creech Brendan Mak , and Nicholas Livengood

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