Fast Track to Success

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Arizona Phi Beta Lambda Chapter Fast Track to Success

Open to all PBL chapters, this recognition program encourages membership recruitment and retention. This program is intended to help Arizona PBL earn the Connect Ten award at the 2018 NLC in Baltimore, Maryland.

Arizona PBL chapters must complete a total of 10 tasks focused on membership recruitment and retention. Four (4) activities are required and six (6) are chosen from a list of optional activities.

Recognition for Arizona PBL Chapter Fast Track to Success

All chapters that complete this project will be listed o the state website: and will receive a certificate and special ribbons for all chapter delegates in attendance at our 2018 Arizona PBL State Leadership Conference.

Deadlines for Arizona Phi Beta Lambda Chapter Fast Track to Success

All tasks except where noted must be emailed to Arizona PBL State President Mark Creech by November 30, 2017 before 5:00 pm Arizona time. No late submissions will be allowed. It is recommended that as you complete the activities you email them to Mark.

 Arizona Phi Beta Lambda Chapter Fast Track to Success

These four (4) activities are required.

Activity 1 (Required): Set a goal to increase membership and a percentage goal for retention of last year’s underclassmen. Send word document with your goal and plan. At least 100 words. (email to

Activity 2 (Required): Create a Membership Committee to focus on new ways to bring in and retain members that includes the names of your committee members and a detailed membership recruitment/retention marketing plan, that is at least two pages in length. Also send a photo of a recruitment board or photos of members in PBL shirts at a meeting. Submit to

Activity 3 (Required): Submit membership dues for 5 paid new members by November 30, 2017 I will check the online membership registration. (nothing required to send in)

Activity 4 (Required): Prepare and follow an agenda for at least one-chapter meeting. (This meeting must include at least one icebreaker or interactive group activity to get members motivated and enthused. Email a copy of the agenda.)

Choose six (6) of these activities to complete your Arizona PBL Fast track to success program.

  1. Prepare a flyer of membership benefits to distribute to chapter members. Have one of your officers highlight one benefit at every PBL– meeting during the duration of this project. (send a copy of the flyer, photo of the member(s) talking about the benefits of joining PBL. (email to
  2. Create chapter website or use current website to post a welcome back PBL video that includes all the returning PBL officers. (send the video to
  3. Produce a fact sheet and chapter bulletin board displaying the national theme and encouraging students to join your PBLA chapter.(Send a copy of the fact sheet and digital photo of the bulletin board to
  4. Have local chapter officers prepare and give presentations highlighting the benefits of PBL to classes.(Email a picture of officers presenting and a copy of the presentation.)
  5. Offer a prize to the person in your chapter who recruits the most members during club recruiting week.(Email a photo of the display table, the name of the winner, the new member names, and a photo of the winner with his or her prize to
  6. Create a recruiting PowerPoint: It should be at least 10 slides, include chapter history, past state and national officers, community service photos, guest speakers/tours, competitive events winners, calendar of events and CMAP pin winners. (email the PowerPoint to
  7. Have one of your officers prepare and record a 1-minute video elevator speech about the benefits of joining your PBL chapter.(Post the video on your Facebook page and email video to
  8. Organize a special outing for PBL paid members. Attend a business, professional sports game, amusement park, etc.(Email a copy of a news release and a photo of all members that attended.)
  9. Plan an Induction Ceremony for new members.(Email a copy of a news release and a photo of all new members.)
  10. Create a chapter newsletter e-mail blast. Email to all members and CC
  11. Host a FBLA-PBL chapter spirit day. Have all members show up to school in either FBLA shirts or in blue and gold, and hold an FBLA meeting to celebrate.(Email a photo of all members in their spirit day attire.)
  12. Attend Fall Leadership Conference. (email a group photo and event winners to

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