Arizona PBL Individual Membership Award

Individual Membership Achievement Award

Member Activities: These are the activities needed to receive an individual membership award in 2017-18

  • Hold Local Officer position
  • Participate in a Chapter March of Dimes event. (Walk, Bowling for Babies)
  • Attend Baby Olympics
  • Achieve Director Level CMAP
  • Achieve Executive Level CMAP- 2 pt.
  • Achieve President Level CMAP- 3 pt.
  • Attend the Local officer training event
  • Hold or Run State officer position
  • Judge at ASU Skills Day
  • Attend NLC in Anaheim
  • Attend Fall Leadership Conference
  • Attend Winter Leadership Conference
  • Attend NFLC in New Orleans
  • Attend McGala Event for Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Collect Toys for Phoenix Children Hospital
  • Attend Swift Transportation Tour
  • Volunteer at an FBLA conference as Judge-2-pts.
  • Find an event Sponsor/ or corporate sponsor for State 2-pts
  • Participate in the adopt a street clean-up program
  • Help your Chapter Complete Fast Track to Success
  • Find a professional member and get them to join the professional division (1 pt. each)
  • Help your Chapter Complete Outstanding Chapter
  • Register/pay dues by October 22,2017
  • Create Trifold for Prematurity Awareness
  • Join AZ-PBL LinkedIn
  • Have or create a LinkedIn Profile (Screen shot needed)
  • Participate in club Rush (Photo needed)
  • Submit PBL Distinguished Business Leader scholarship application,
  • Submit either IFL or PBL national leadership application
  • Create a recruiting PowerPoint
  • Bring resume to leadership conference for review
  • Participate Stock Market Challenge
  • Participate in Financial Literacy
  • Submit article for AZ PBL Website
  • Submit a Humans of PBL story
  • Submit the 2017 PBL membership survey
  • Attend any 2017-18 PBL sponsored Social Event 1 pt. each time

Levels of achievement

  • Bronze Level 10-19- (Certificate)-
  • Silver Level 20-27 – (Resin Trophy)
  • Gold Level 28-34 – (Plaque)
  • Platinum 35-40 – (Plaque Trophy)


Individual membership awards will be presented during the 2018 SLC opening session.