Judging Information


Arizona Phi Beta Lambda need judges for all our conferences. The events we need judges for varies according to the type of conference. Below is the list of events for the 2017-18 Fall and Winter Leadership Conference.

Impromptu Speaking

This event is designed for students who have the abilities to think quickly and speak effectively. Participants will be given a topic and allowed 10 minutes to prepare a four (4) minute speech.


Job Interview

This event is designed to test students’ proficiency in applying for employment. Students are required to bring two copies of a one-page resume. The participants will be bringing this to the interview. Each participant will have a 10-minute interview.


Business Decision Making (2-3 members per team)

An interactive case study will be given and consist of a problem encountered by management in one or more of the following areas: business planning, organizational design, economic environment, short-term and long­ range planning, human resource management, financial management, and marketing management. All the questions raised in the case must be addressed during the oral presentation. Each team will be given the case study prior to their performance time and allowed 20 minutes to view/prepare.


Public Speaking

This event consists of a five (5) minute speech. The speech must be of a business nature and must be developed from one (1) or more of the nine (9) FBLA-PBL Goals.

If you are interested in being a judge at one of our 2016-17 conferences, please fill out the form and email to Mike Manion-  mikeazpbl@cox.net

Judges Registration Form