CMAP PIN Winners

Career and Membership Achievement Program (CMAP)

The Career and Membership Achievement Program (CMAP) is a comprehensive leadership and membership recognition program for college students. It utilizes PBL projects, goals, and programs to help college students develop their leadership and job skills, with a special emphasis on career development and preparation for the world of work.

Members work independently through three integrated levels of the CMAP:  Past Winners from Arizona Phi Beta ( Data from 2008-2015)

  • Director Level  
  • 2010-11   Alexandria Duran – Eastern Arizona College
  • 2013-14     Jerman Carrera – Phoenix College
  •  2015-16     Erika Pena -NAU EC
  • 2015-16       Mark Creech – NAU EC
  • 2016-17     Scott Chilleen -NAU EC
  • 2016-17    Katie Daley- Central Arizona College
  • Executive Level
  • 2015-16       Mark Creech – NAU EC
  • 2016-17      Scott Chilleen NAU EC
  • 2016-17     Katie Daley Central Arizona College
  • President Level