Goals for the New Year

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Arizona PBL members,

It’s that time of year again, where we must reflect back on our goals we set out to accomplish.  As the Arizona PBL VP of Programs, many of you have approached me with your PBL goals. Firstly, let me say what an honor it is for you to share them with me. Humbled by the mere fact that you believe I can help you achieve PBL success.

Please keep in mind your goals should motivate you in a way that propels you into action. They must be specific, measurable, time bound and attainable. Last year, my most important personal goal was to reach the platinum level in the individual membership award.

To be successful in achieving your goals you must write them down. Personally this adds validity to the process and helps me to clearly define the why! Yes, I’m sure you have heard this from your professors, parents and peers. When I did this it became real and tangible. After several failed attempts to clearly define my goal. I reached out to a co-worker who I know goal setting is his strong point.

He looked at my goal “I would like to reach the Executive level this year” surprisingly he said “Mark that’s a great goal” however, it does not inspire me to action. He suggested, that I rewrite it to something like “I will achieve Executive level status by March 1, 2016.” Naturally, I kept it the way he stated it, because it was measurable, time bound and attainable.

Next step was to make my action plan and after reading the requirements. I separated each task into short or long time to accomplish categories. I did this to help me execute amidst life’s distractions. Family, school, work and PBL are the order in which I prioritize my daily decisions. Often accomplishing my personal goals are put on the back burner by all the energy I use on family, school and work.

The real key to me completing this goal, was that I did something every day to make my goal a reality. Sometimes, they were small steps, such as: organizing my calendar of priorities, doing specific task on my lunch break or lumping requirements that were similar together. Most importantly, I did monthly accountability progress checks.

I kept score monthly of my progress and took appropriate actions on areas that were not up to par with my timetable. Wow, was that ever critical, because sometimes we think we’re doing OK on a project. Only to find out when it’s too late that the completion of the project will never become a reality.

Thankfully, I was able to accomplish my goal of achieving the platinum membership award status. In a few days, it will be January 1, 2017 and that means you have less than 60 days to complete your 2017 goal of completing CMAP.

Please don’t worry, for many of you the requirements for CMAP director level are done. Let me give you an example of how you can complete CMAP in 2 months.

Complete three (3) service activities. This can be done with March of Dimes.

  • Activity 1 (Required): Create a tri-fold brochure/rack card to promote Prematurity Awareness.
  • Activity 6: Create a March of Dimes. org account.
  • Activity 8: Participate in an activity for the March of Dimes.

Complete three (3) Education activities. The first activity is required.

  • Activity 9 (Required): Complete the Goal Setting Worksheet.
  • Activity 12: Email a PBL State or National Officer and describe what you have learned as a member of FBLA-PBL.
  • Activity 14: Join LinkedIn and create a profile.

Complete four (4) progress activities. The first three activities are required.

  • Activity 17 (Required): Attend a local chapter meeting…
  • Activity 18 (Required): Complete the PBL Internet Scavenger Hunt on the FBLA-PBL national Web site.
  • Activity 19 (Required): Participate in Membership Madness. (Recruit five new members)
  • Activity 24:Attended your State Leadership Conference the previous year.

This year I made another wildly important goal, which was to have ten (10) CMAP pin winners this year in Arizona. We are two months away from the deadline and currently, Arizona has two (2) pin winners. I believe that this is very doable and anticipate several  members obtaining the goal of achieving their CMAP director level.

To help everyone  reach their CMAP goals, I am focusing on helping any member who would like to complete the director level. Together we can accomplish great things and build a legacy of leadership together. Dream, plan, execute and achieve success.


Mark Creech