Membership Dues

Membership Dues:

National membership dues are $10 and state dues are $10 for a total of $20. Each chapter’s adviser or designated officer must register all chapter members on the national website and pay their dues either online with a credit card or by printing an invoice and mailing a check to the National Office.

Our State Director, Mike Manion, will email instructions for registering members to each chapter’s leaders. *Please Note – it is highly recommended that each local chapter also charge local dues (e.g., once a semester or annually) to help fund their chapter’s activities and foster member loyalty.

Only dues paid members participate in our leadership conferences, and beginning this year, that rule will also be applicable for the Fall and Winter Leadership Conferences. In order to register members for any of our 3 leadership conferences (i.e., Fall, Winter, or State), the members must first be on record as having been registered online at the national website with their state and national dues paid by the announced deadline for each conference.