Outsatanding Chapter Project

Outstanding Chapter Activities


Membership/Chapter Management   

Complete four (4) of the section activities.

Activity 1 Conduct a project to either education, promote, or raise money for the March of Dimes. (Complete the interactive March of Dimes/FBLA-PBL Fundraising Report Form).

Activity 2 Plan a community service project for your chapter. (Complete the online Project/Activity Report Form.)

Activity 3 Participate in Community Service Day during FBLA-PBL Week. (Upload a summary describing your Community Sevice Day activities.)

Activity 4 Plan a chapter holiday service project, (i.e food baskets for Thanksgiving, canned food drive, toy drive, Adopt-a-family, etc.)(Complete the online Project/Activity Report Form.)

Activity 5 Charter/Reactivate at least one new FBLA, ML, or PBL Chapter by March 1. (Complete the interactive form.)

Activity 6 Have at least five members volunteer to help out with a school or campus project. (Upload a description of the project including the names of the students who volunteered.)

Activity 7 Plan a project to benefit your campus. (Complete the online Project/Activity Report Form.)

Community/School Service

Complete four (4) of the activities listed below.

Activity 8 Have at least two chapter members participate in job shadowing during Groundhog Job Shadow Day. (Upload a press release describing this activity).

Activity 9 Have at least one chapter member apply for the PBL NLC/IFL Scholarship. (Enter the name of the applicant and the date of the application.)

Activity 10 Plan a project to educate others about American Enterprise Day, November 15. (Complete the online Project/Activity Report Form.).

Activity 11 Submit at least one member’s entry for the Executive Level or higher of the PBL Career and Membership Award Program. (Upload a copy of the completed entry form)

Activity 12 Participate in a national program (Stock Market Game, Junior Tours, Join Hands Day, etc.). (Upload a 50 word description of the benefits.)

Activity 13 Plan and conduct activities for FBLA-PBL Week/Career and Technical Education Week. (Upload a copy of a press release – does not have to be published to count).

Activity 14 Prepare a local chapter Web site.(Enter the link to the Web site in the interactive form.)


FBLA chapters must complete four (4) activities from this section. The first two (2) are required.

Activity 15 Required. Complete a Program of Work for your Chapter using the guidelines in the CMH. (Upload the Program of Work.)

Activity 16 Required. Maintain or increase local chapter membership. (Upload current year’s member roster.)

Activity 17 Have chapter representation at one of the National Fall Leadership Conferences. (Upload a copy of a press release and at least one scanned or digital photo).

Activity 18 Submit a contribution to the PBL Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship Fund by April 1 (Complete the interactive scholarship form.)

Activity 19 Recruit one new business/community leader as a Professional member. (Enter the name of the new member in the interactive form.)

Activity 20 Upload a list of chapter competitors (include names of students, events entered, and awards won) from the most recent State or National Leadership Conference.

Activity 21 Secure a business person, professional member, or alumni to speak at a chapter meeting. (Upload copy of meeting agenda).