Message from the President

Greetings, Arizona Phi Beta Lambda members and advisers.

I hope you enjoyed the 2017 National Leadership Conference  in Anaheim, California. The 2016-17 Arizona PBL “Legacy Team” set the bar high for this year. I feel we reached our goal to leave a  Legacy of Leadership. Last year as your VP of Programs it was my goal to add value to all Arizona PBL members.

This year it is my goal as State President to help each one of you develop the tools, needed to “Elevate to the top” of the corporate ladder. The 2017-18 state officer team has finished their program of work,we believe  the activities will give you the opportunity to develop skills  to be successful out in the business world.

To achieve this, we will be offering Ted Talks, Business and Stock Market Challenges to enhance your business acumen. Monthly , I will be writing a message to all Arizona PBL members, hoping that I provide you with a few nuggets to assist you in transiting from school to work.


Mark Creech

AZ PBL State President