Local Chapters

Our local chapters are where the magic happens! They are actively involved in recruiting new members and getting involved! They’re also the best thing ever. So, below we’ve given you info on how to get involved with these local chapters. Join a chapter today!

Arizona State University
Chapter Adviser - Andrew Lattimer
ASU PBL Website
ASU PBL Facebook

Central Arizona College
Chapter President – Gerardo Lona
Chapter Adviser - Linda Friedel & Mark Ebert
CAC PBL Website

DeVry University Phoenix
Chapter President – Deborah Walker
Chapter Adviser –
Peter Newman
DeVry PBL Facebook

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Chapter President -Lisabeth Maryanne Paz
Chapter Adviser- Javad Gorjidooz

Eastern Arizona College
Chapter President - Zachary Barnes
Chapter Adviser - Dana Barnett, Tammy Campbell, Michael Fox & Derek Rich

Northern Arizona University (PVCC Campus)
Chapter President - Dylan Downhill
Chapter Adviser - Jim Latham
NAU PBL Facebook
NAU Website

Northland Pioneer College
Chapter President – Melissa Daniel

Phoenix College
Chapter President- Jerman Carrera
Chapter Adviser - Beverly Jenkins

University of Arizona
Chapter President - Luis Guerrero
Chapter Adviser – Steven Reff
UA PBL Facebook Group