Visa Financial Literacy


This year we will be focusing on helping members manage their money through all stages of life. We will be using Visa who is one of our valued business partners.

Each month we will have a different  focus area where members can complete activities. Every member that completes this series will be awarded a certificate of completion.

 Take control of your finances and learn how to manage your money wisely with our tips and resources.

October 2017 –          Lesson 1: The Art of Budgeting

November 2017 –      Lesson 2: Living on your Own

December 2017 –      Lesson 3: Buying a Home

January 2018-           Lesson 4: About Credit

February 2018 –       Lesson 5: Credit Cards

February 2018 –       Lesson 6: Cars and Loans

March 2018 –             Lesson 7: Saving and Investing